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How this website came about:

Every once in a while a question would bug me to the point where I would put pen to paper and write a letter to Dr. Augros. He was always kind enough to send me an answer. The answers were worth their weight in gold. A few months ago I asked him if his answers could reach a wider audience and he agreed to this website.

Feel free to post your questions. Due to time constraints Dr. Augros can answer only one question a month. He might sometimes address a topic that is not on the list. Twenty-one answers have been posted.

The blogging feature will let you express your own thoughts.

At the current time the site is open to tutors and alumni of Thomas Aquinas College. Depending on how well it goes it may be made available to a wider audience and perhaps even to the general public. Please keep that in mind while blogging. You may not want to use your real name in your posts. Any individual may be denied access at any time.

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