104/01/08AlistairSlaveryYour thoughts on Saint Paul returning Onesimus to his master, Philemon.ReadReadRead
204/01/08AlistairEthicsWas Robin Hood a hero or villain?Read0
304/01/08AlistairUsuryYour comments on Jimmy Akin's take on usury.Read0
404/01/08AlistairEvolutionPlease tell us your views on evolution.ReadRead
504/01/08AlistairForgivenessIf a man rapes a woman and gloats over it in jail and says he would do it again, does the woman have to forgive him.ReadRead
604/01/08AlistairNatural LawThere is some overlap between the Laws of Nature, Natural Law and Conscience. Please explain the similarities and differences. 0
704/01/08AlistairConscienceTrue or False: "You are obliged to follow your conscience but if your conscience takes you outside the Catholic Church, you have to follow your conscience and leave the Catholic Church." ReadRead
804/01/08AlistairEvangelizationWhat does St. Thomas mean when he says unbelievers can be "induced, not by compulsion but by persuasion, to embrace the faith"?Read0
904/01/08AlistairCharityDenied the right to credit Christ for an act of charity, can one perform it anyway?Read0
1004/01/08AlistairEnd TimesWhen Christ comes the second time, it's over. It's the end of the world.ReadRead
1104/01/08AlistairCommon GoodCould you point me to a working definition or a scientific definition of the Common Good. ReadRead
1204/01/08AlistairTraditionAccording to paragraph 85 of the Catholic Catechism, the Magisterium does not just interpret the Bible, it also interprets Tradition. It would therefore be inappropriate to say something along the lines of "Altar girls are contrary to Tradition". ReadRead
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