No: 4 Leader: Please tell us your views on evolution.

Thread ID: 3 At 5/6/2008 6:11:40 AM Bill Sockey '75 wrote:

Evolution is a question of natural science, not religion.

Natural science proceeds from the natural universe perceived by the senses and reasons to conclusions. Theories are useful tools for organizing data and suggesting possible conclusions but are not themselves scientific conclusions about nature.

St. Augustine pointed to the passage in Genesis where God told the earth to bring forth living creatures as suggesting evolution, but this is only a suggestion. Indeed, evolution fits with what we understand about God using secondary causes (e.g., angels and men) and not doing directly what He doesn't need to do directly.

However, natural science -- qua science -- can't proceed to necessary conclusions from suggestions in Scripture, but must supply the natural evidence.

I submit that there is no conclusive evidence at this point in time, based on what can be experienced in nature, that any species ever evolved from a pre-existing species. Adaption, definitely, evolution of species, no proof or even convincing natural evidence.



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