No: 7 Leader: True or False: "You are obliged to follow your conscience but if your conscience takes you outside the Catholic Church, you have to follow your conscience and leave the Catholic Church."

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Conscience is the practical intellect making moral decisions (St. Thomas).

The practical intellect tells us what to do to accomplish a desired result. Therefore, conscience tells us what to do to accomplish a moral result: i.e., to do good and avoid evil in a particular situation.

If we are mistaken about the facts
(e.g., deceived by Jehovah's Witnesses) we still are morally bound to act as our conscience dictates based on what we believe to be true, viz., we must do what our conscience indicates is morally good, even if such action is in fact not morally good (and God will judge us according to what we believe, as the basis of what we do).

Catholics who claim to reject Church doctrine "in good conscience" are involved in a contradiction. The conscience doesn't tell us what's true, only what is in accord with what we know or believe to be true. We can't claim to be acting morally as a Catholic while rejecting what the Church tells us is morally true!

No, such people have turned from the Catholic Faith; but having turned, they must follow what their conscience now dictates as morally good. It seems that they will not be judged on wrong actions based on an erroneous conscience, but on the actions contrary to conscience that put them in such a position (e.g., rejection of Catholic moral teaching, which is a sin against Faith).



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Pardon the brevity.

Thinking your conscience is wrong can only be done in light of a second conscience, and so on. You have only one conscience, therefore you must follow it right or wrong.

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